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October 9, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
PLEASE READ - A few things before we begin, seeing as I am from the UK the term 'pants' means underwear in this and not trousers, but I did use the word Candy and not Sweet,  just a heads up!
Also, I know this is EXTREMELY long! I apologise! I got a big carried away with the story!
If you could read the description afterwards that would be fab!

30 minutes in heaven - Laughing Jack X Reader

2# Caught in the act

"Come on then guys! Let's play!" Splendorman dropped a hat onto the sofa. You looked away so you didn't know what everyone was placing in; just to make things more interesting.

"___! Go on then! Pick one pick one!" BEN pretty much shouted at you, shoving the hat under your nose, clearly getting way too excited for your liking.

"Okay okay, calm down!" you yanked the hat from him and plunged your hand in, pulling out a black and white stripy candy.
"Ooh, my favourite!" you didn't even bother to ask who's it was before you engulfed it, flavour filling over your tongue as you licked at it.

"Sweet, literally! Hahahahah!" you turned around to see Laughing Jack grinning at you, his white eyes seeming to glow. You smirked back at him, you two were actually good friends, seeing as your typical outfits kind of matched, and you actually had a lot in common. You didn't want to say it out loud, but you always hoped that Jack would one day find himself a nice girl; he was your best friend after all, and he deserved it!

Still sucking on the piece of candy you walked over, slowly winking at him before walking past and into the closet, making him laugh hysterically, nothing unusual really.

"Remember Jack, 30 minutes and that's it!" Slenderman liked to remind people over and over again of any rules that fit the situation.

"Oh don't worry Slender, they won't do anything! He's far too deep in the friend-zone for her! Hahahahaha!" Jeff tumbled off the sofa, clinging to his stomach as he made himself laugh. Surprisingly, Laughing Jack had stopped, his smile faded. He gritted his teeth as he growled at Jeff, before a pair of striped arms snaked themselves around his waist, pulling him inside the closet, the door slamming shut.

"You were taking your time!" you giggled in the closet; it wasn't completely dark so you could see each other just about. He looked up at you, his smile no longer present; taking away your own smile.

"Don't stop smiling, you have a cute smile" his hand coming up to your face as he stroked some strands of (H/C) hair from your face. You couldn't help but grin sweetly at his touch, your dimples becoming present.

"What's wrong Jack? You're not, well... Laughing?" you pulled him into a tight hug as he rested his chin on your shoulder; he was only a few inches taller than you.

Pulling away from you he sighed and slid down the wall, planting himself on the floor below; you followed suit.
"____, we're friends right?" his tone echoed the sadness that was now plastering his pale face.

"Well of course we are, sweetie" you rested your arms around his, hugging him tightly as you rested your head on his shoulder. He tensed at your touch and looked away, as if he needed you right now but didn't want to admit it.

"It's just that... Ever since we became close, people have been talking" the audio trailing off towards the end, like a sob threatened to escape.
You held him closer, pulling yourself over and sitting on his knees, burying your head in his chest. His arm wrapped around your waist while his other hand resting in your hair.

"What have they been saying sugar? I swear if they've upset you I'll torture them until they're begging for forgiveness" you were getting angry now, no one messed with your best friend!
He laughed at how protective you were over him, it wasn't his usual psycho clown laugh but hey it was something right? Man, you missed his laugh more than you thought...

"Oh you know, just this whole 'friend-zone' thing! I don't even understand what that means, but it can't be good right?" he looked confused, almost like a young child; only then did you realise how inexperienced he must be when it came to girls.

"Jack, have you ever had a girlfriend?" you didn't really think it was your buisness to ask, but you wanted to know how easy it would be to explain everything to him.

He hesitated, like anyone would of done in that position.
"No... Can't say I have to be fully honest with you. Heck! I've never even kissed a girl... But seriously what is this 'friend-zone'?"

You were not expecting him to be so, open about it; especially as you were still sitting on him, your legs draped around his waist. You felt bad for him, that must mean that he was a virgin too? Not that you could say anything seeing as you were too but you'd at least kissed someone before and you often thought about sex and what it must be like.

"Um, well... See Jack, friend-zone is where between two friends one of them has feelings for the other, and they try to discuss these feelings with their friend, only to have the 'I like you more as a friend' speech. So to put it bluntly, that person will probably never have a chance with their friend" you hoped you hadn't missed anything, and that what you'd said was easy for Jack to understand.

It didn't take long for you to realise he must of understood as he pulled you extremely close, wrapping both his arms back around your waist.
Everything clicked into place when you suddenly thought whether or not you were Laughing Jacks first female friend. Your feelings that had manifested themselves inside you snapped awake as you realised you had to do something about them.

Pulling away from Laughing Jacks grip you looked into his glowing white eyes before leaning it, placing your forehead against his, trying not to get your face jabbed by his nose.
"Jack... Not everyone believes in the friend-zone you know"

Leaning your head to the side you ducked down and placed your lips lightly upon his, not wanting to freak him out in case he didn't like it.

He tensed up before kissing back, running his hands up and down your spine in a slow motion, making you moan quietly. Realising that you were on a timer, and had probably waisted a good 15 minutes you wanted to make the most of what you had, and from the looks of Jack you had a lot; he was a tall strong handsome teenage boy who was probably frustrated after all.

"Jack" you moaned into his ear, "I don't think we'll have enough time" you knew that he probably wasn't planning on doing anything sexual with you, but just in case; besides you were more worried about yourself, you knew for a fact that you were heavily frustrated and any touch was welcome.

"Enough time for what, doll?" he moaned into your ear as you rocked your hips into his, clearly liking this new experience.
"Do I have to show you, sweetie..." you growled as you felt yourself losing control; you were already excited down below as you could feel your shorts becoming hotter.

Laughing Jack tried to contain his laughter, giggling like an evil genius as he pushed you onto the floor before clamping down onto your lips. You smirked as he did before forcing his mouth open with your tongue, shoving it in to meet with his; laughing like a psycho as he tried to jump back, clearly surprised. He probably would of succeeded too if you hadn't of been holding onto his shirt with a death grip.

"It's okay sweetie, take your time" although you felt yourself getting impatient, and the fact that Jack tasted like crushed up candies didn't help, but you wanted him to have a memorable first experience with, well, however far you took this.

He nodded at you before staring at your neck with hungry eyes.
"I've seen this done before, but obviously I've never done it, sorry if I'm bad at this" he gave you the apologetic look which confused the hell out of you before you felt a set of sharp teeth sink into the side of your neck. You let out a half moan half scream as you realised he was biting you; Laughing Jack, was marking you. He didn't know it, but biting was a MASSIVE turn on for you and this was getting way too much.

Placing a hand in front of your shorts you rubbed at them before slipping underneath and inserting a finger into yourself, feeling the blood trickle down your neck from where Jack was practically eating you you soaked your finger as you realised you were probably going to cum right there and then if this continues any longer.

That option was quickly flushed away as light filled the room, quickly followed by BEN's voice.
"Time's up! My my my looks like we caught you in the act!" he laughed as he stayed down at you, Laughing Jack still lying on top of you.

Jeff shoved BEN out the way and stared down at you both before his mouth dropped open slightly.
"That's it! He's done it! Laughing Jack's worked his way out of the friend-zone! I applaud you good sir I applaud!" he clapped his hands a few times before he realised you were both giving him a death glare.

Laughing Jack got off you and helped you up with him; you quickly wiped your finger on one of the cloths nearby, hoping nobody would notice. You still felt like you weren't finished yet and by the look on Jacks face, so did he. Then an idea hit you.

You grabbed Jacks hand and yanked him out of the closet and up the stairs to your bedroom, locking the door behind it and pushing Jack onto your bed. He looked like he was about to have a heart attack until you returned to your previous position, lying on the bed and pulling him down with you.

"Jack, I think you have some unfinished business to attend to" you moaned right into his ear before biting down on his neck, earning a scream from him; clearly he enjoyed it just as much as you as he collapsed next to you, forcing you on top of him, still biting his neck. If he had marked you, you were going to mark him.

Bucking yourself into his crotch you finished the job, a trail of saliva leading from his neck to your mouth.
"My god what have I been missing out on.." he cried as he became hard, clearly showing through his trousers. "Fuck me he must be big" you thought to yourself as you lightly rubbed him through the fabric underneath you.

"You know sweet, we can take this further if you want" you moved backwards and placed your hands on his knees; throwing your head back you continued to grind through your clothes before looking back down at Laughing Jack, who appeared to only be semi conscious.

"What else can you show me other than sex? If we tried I don't think I'd last long at all" clearly he didn't want to disappoint you by finishing quickly, seeing as it would be your first time too, how considerate of him.

"There's a lot of things I can show you, sweetie" you began to crawl back up so you were now resting on his stomach as you flicked at his braces. He got the hint and slid them off, the pair of you helped take off his shirt before yours joined it on the floor. Placing both your hands on the side of his face you began attacking his tongue again, trying to saviour as much flavour as you could; you had no idea how he tasted so good, but damn did you not want to pull away.

Sliding your hands down to his trousers you quickly unbuttoned them. Something must of gone off in Jacks head as he through you off of him and under the duvet as he began to take off the rest of his clothes, leaving him in only his boxers; his tent pole extremely noticable (No pun intended...). Darting back on top of you he magically worked his hands over your shorts, pulling both them and your tights down in one, earning a moan from you.

"Oh Jack please" you lay there in your bra and pants, your hands resting on his shoulders and your legs wrapped around his waist as he rubbed at your clit, massaging it with his finger before working his way underneath and into you.
Your moans quickly turned into heavy breathing as pleasure emerged from your lower regends, only a nearly undetectable amount of pain present; you mentally cursed yourself for being so tight.

Jack began to thrust another finger into you at a fast pace, causing you to scream, a slight pain came about from this, but you couldn't help but feel like you were in heaven.
"I can't take much more Jack, I just can't" you tried to breathe after every syllable, all the air being knocked out of your lungs.
Jack stroked himself as he worked his way down, kissing along you neck before meeting your collarbones. "Me neither, this is too much to handle all at once _____!" clearly Laughing Jack was just as close as you; one last thrust from his fingers was all it took to send you over the edge as you bit down into his neck once more, trying to quieten your screams of Jacks name as you came.

Falling back down into the bed sheets you were quickly joined by Jack as he lay next to you, the pair of you completely exhausted.
"Don't you need to release?" you thought maybe seeing as you were done he'd come to cuddle with you.
"Um... I kinda finished off on your moans..." his cheeks flushed, clearly embarrassed; you merely giggled and held him in your arms before pulling the duvet over the pair of you.

"That certainly was something" he whistled before turning his head to rest above yours, still not wanting to poke your eyes out.
"You though that was something, just wait until you experience the rest of it" chuckling to yourself you closed your eyes, drifting off into a somewhat relevant dream...
A QUICK POINT I'D LIKE TO MAKE! - I decided I wanted to do something that related to the 'friend-zone' as it seems most people assume all girls do this, WE DON'T.

That is all. I hope you enjoyed this :)

2 out of 100, done!

Laughing Jack belongs to -
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